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highspirit sippery ai powered packaging


In 2023 AI generated artworks are, to say the least, discussed controversially within the design community. Some are fearing the loss of genuine creativity (and their jobs), some are celebrating the newfound opportunities. I myself just recently started to experiment with Midjourney (@imagine.studio.berlin) and must admit that I am fascinated by the fast and seemingly endless possibilities of visualizing whatever thoughts cross my mind. At the same time I do feel, that when it comes to what I love doing most (packaging design), the possibilities still are quite limited. That might change quickly, but for know, I view AI as an additional (new, very exiting, super fun and powerful) design tool rather than a replacement for human designers. A tool, I do enjoy playing with a lot.

So for this project, I decided to ask Midjourney to create the shape of the bottle and the „photography“ of the bottles and glasses and Chat GPT to come up with the brand name  – three things, I am not able to do myself or at least I am not very good at it. This allowed me to stick with the things, I enjoy doing most: coming up with a general idea, creating an overall visual concept and of course the branding and packaging design.

This is how the Highspirit Sippery brandig came to life. A branding for a contemporary distillery manufacturing high quality THC infused spirits without alcohol. The overall look aims to be light and pure, fresh, uncluttered and actually quite fancy – because these drinks are getting you high, not low.


highspirit sippery / concept


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