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»Language is wine upon the lips.« Virginia Woolf

The concept: A glass of wine can make a good talk become a great one. This wine is for all those great talks with our girl friends – the sad and the happy ones, the silly and the serious ones, the calm and the furious ones. For all the situations life throws at us: new and lost loves, good and bad work days, new adventures, old wounds and great celebrations. It’s not an „a girls make cute wine for girls“-wine. It’s a wine with character for real talks between real women. A true Mädchen Wein (girls wine).

The design: On the label pink and red are coming together in a vibrant, fun and very contemporary way. A grid of fine red lines adds structure to the design and gives it a more serious and grown up look. These elements are accompanied by bold yet elegant typography that is full of character and strength – embodying the strength of all the woman coming together having these wines. A small and lovely detail is the golden seal that says „lots of love inside“ – referring to the craft and devotion of the winemakers as well as to the friendships the wines are lucky enough to witness.

The wines: 1. Sometimes all we need is a little love – To the coolest woman I know. // 2. Sometimes we need to be encouraged – It’s not a dumb idea. // 3. Sometimes life leaves us speechless – Oh. // 4. Sometimes all we need is a good time – No bad vibes. //5. Sometimes it just hurts – Yes, of course it hurts.


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