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share redesign


share is a social start up from Berlin with the mission to make the world a better place by turning simple consum decisions into social actions. For every purchase a share consumer makes, the company is giving away an equivalent product to a person in need. They even allow their costumers to observe where exactly their donation goes by using a tracking code on the back of the pack – no matter if it is food, water or hygiene products. They call it the 1+1 principle. With their product portfolio growing faster and faster, share decided to relaunch their packagings to highlight this beautiful message even more.

The central element of the design is the devision of the logo and all packagings into two equal parts – a simple yet effective translation of the buy one give one principle. Flying ingredients and joyful colors highlight the beliefe that sharing makes you feel good. Carefully crafted icons are used to communicate sustainable benefits like the use of recycled plastic or alternative packaging materials that make the products even better for the world we live in. Clear messaging and a straightforward information-architecture emphasize that doing good can be so simple.



art direction / packaging design – in collaboration with the share team